8 Ways to Start Taking Social Media Management Seriously

Social media management is essential in terms of the growth and development of a business - more specifically, it is essential in terms of the growth and development of your business.


Because social media management helps define your brand's voice and creates a fresh and unique perspective that makes it stand out among other brands. In short - social media management makes you different.

In an industry that is flooded with tweets and posts about dancing cats, defining your voice and doing so with precision, helps create nuances about your business that will resonate with your audience. For that reason alone, social media management is worth the time. Here are 8 ways to take it more seriously.

1. Tweet Deck - the oldie but goodie

Customers will say that the best thing about Tweet Deck is the fact that it's free. The cost, or lack thereof, is one of the best things about the platform, but more than that, Tweet Deck does everything.

What does that mean?

Tweet Deck presents things in column format, making posting to multiple platforms at the same time a lot easier.

Tweet Deck is user friendly with its easy to navigate dashboard that brings everything to one screen and allows the customer to focus on content.

2. Hootsuite - the iconic and expedient service

Hootsuite has the ability to handle one social media account, or hundreds. This platform has a user-friendly interface that makes posting easy without having to login and log out of several accounts simultaneously.

One of the best things about this platform is its training on social media management which focuses on how to use their program in addition to useful ways to make more of an impact with postings on twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Another exciting element with Hootsuite specifically having to do with Instagram, is its ability to post and schedule directly from the interface. This means that you can regularly schedule (as you could before), but you will not have to post using your phone.

Posting can now happen through Hootsuite directly. This makes scheduling for Instagram easier because several people can do so simultaneously.

3. Buffer - the engagement superpower

Buffer allows you to post across all platforms, just like the other interfaces, but what makes Buffer unique is its ability to customize each post to fit the platform that its posting on. This comes in handy when trying to post to both Instagram and Twitter and working on a caption.

We know that Twitter allows 140 characters, but Instagram might allow 20 hashtags in addition to anything you'd want to write in a caption. With Buffer, those limitations are gone.

The Buffer team works across the board to maintain the efficiency of the platform and create more user-friendly content even through their blog that helps with suggestions on how to post memorable content.

They also have a team that's available to help with bugs and quick fixes.

4. Sprout Social - the monitoring service

Sprout Social is one of the best platforms in social media management because it not only allows you to post, but it gives you the added incentive of monitoring your audience. In terms of monitoring, they give you social media mentions, which is most valuable in terms of engagement.

As we know, social media works best when brands and individuals work with their audiences and create a platform where engagement is imminent.

You'd be in good company, more than 20,000 brands have used Sprout Social including some companies that you or someone you may know have used every day.

5. Agora Pulse - the affordable one

One of the most affordable of the posts, Agora Pulse does what it's name suggests - it allows you to stay on the pulse of trends in social media which makes social media management even easier. In addition to allowing you to post across several social media platforms, Agora Pulse allows you to market content and run promotions directly from their interface.

This makes posting easier because the promotion runs across several platforms all at the same time optimizing its impression on your audiences.

6. Sendible - the agency go-to

Sendible is built for agencies with several clients. Their price points for their service is worth it considering all of the features that come with the program. Sendible allows you to personalize dashboards which help with client engagement and optimization.

In addition, it comes with a royalty-free image search which can be essential when doing graphics and posting content from a business page.

These days, royalty free images aren't as easy to find. With Sendible, everything is in one place creating an effortless integration that is all-inclusive. It also provides the Canva graphics editor.

Sendible brings all of your updates to one place. That, with the graphic elements that come with the program, make it a standout among social media management systems.

7. Everypost - the one that has everything

Everypost does everything that most of these other services provide, but they also have an image curation tool that allows you to easily search for an image and upload it to posting across all platforms. This tool is useful when trying to schedule several postings with a limited amount of time.

Limited time, and finding platforms that do everything are the biggest challenges that people find in terms of social media management. Everypost is the answer with their expedient postings tools and analytics feature set to launch on the platform soon.

Everypost comes with a 14 day free trial giving you two weeks to test out the program to see if it is the right fit.

8. Bit.ly - the shorter one

In a social media obsessed world where captions sometimes have to be 280 characters or less, Bit.ly is the link optimizer that aids in getting the most for the least amount of strikes on the keyboard. In addition, they now have a reporting service that shows you how well your links are being received by the audience.

Use the Right Tools!

Maintaining your brand's voice is made easier with these social media management tools. For more help defining and maintaining your brand voice, check out our website today!