Off Page SEO Techniques and How They Can Boost Your Business

You may use SEO, but do you use off-page SEO? This is when you exercise your website's internet presence outside of your website. While the benefits may not be as immediate as on-page SEO, you'll reap permanent benefits over time.

Since off-page SEO benefits are gradual, the strategies are pretty complex.

Oftentimes, off-page SEO techniques are out of your control. But off-page SEO matters is because it develops a brand reputation, which Google promotes.

But there are ways you can take control of off-page SEO for effective results. Here are off page SEO techniques you need to try.

Create Best-In-Class Products and Services

You may have read that thinking you do have the best-in-class products and services. But does the rest of the world know that? More importantly -- does Google know that?

Let's take a look at a tried and true old-fashioned marketing method: word of mouth.

Before the internet, your customers recommended your company to their friends and family. This isn't a testimonial you told them to say -- this was an honest review or a recommendation.

This feedback is one of the most major off page SEO techniques.

If a customer posts a positive review on your website or a major review website, Google will know you're a reputable brand.

Even negative reviews have off-page SEO benefits; while you won't be as established, Google will at least know you have customers taking interest in your company.

Additional feedback on off-page SEO benefits includes more sales and website views.

Customer Service

"The customer is always right" -- whether you're in a customer-facing role, are talking to your customer on the phone, and now online customer service also matters.

Before the internet, a bad company image in the press was the company's demise.

Today, bad customer service circulates even easier than it did before. Customers can film or take pictures of negative customer service events and post them on social media.

When Google identifies this content as negative publicity, you lose SEO value.

This is why your online customer service should matter as much as all other customer service techniques.

In addition to a good reputation, you should exercise great customer service on the web. Be sure to have a customer service web chat on your website.

Be prompt with customer social media messages, mentions, and tweets.

Always Keep User Intent in Mind

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus tells Scout "you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view." While this lesson teaches us compassion, it's also a valuable SEO lesson.

User intent is when you picture yourself as a web searcher; you picture what keywords web users search and the phrases they enter in search engines.

There's a reason why this strategy benefits your website: you'll use the exact keywords and phrases web users are searching, so you appear higher in Google search results. But this strategy still qualifies as on-page SEO.

User intent benefits us more than improved keyword search and rankings. User intent helps us understand our customers and how they will search for your products.

When Google sees your attracting more clients with the same keywords and phrases, it builds off-page SEO.

When you identify keywords and phrases optimized for user intent, how do you use these keywords? Your titles and pages are the key culprits, but you should always use these keywords throughout your content.

Your Social Media Presence

Everyone hears the same advice: have a social media presence.

But what does social media mean for off-page SEO? While there are ways to increase social presence with on-page SEO, social off page SEO techniques will establish your brand as reputable.

You won't reap social media off-page SEO benefits immediately after you make your social media accounts. That's because you won't earn the off-page SEO rewards until after you have a large following.

Like web traffic, social media followers and activity establish your brand as reputable.

This often increases with on-page SEO techniques, but inevitably you'll gain a better following as your company gains traction and more devoted customers.

But don't be fooled -- large numbers of followers and activity doesn't exactly mean reputation. Many companies invest in spam accounts to increase the number of followers and activity. But Google outsmarts this system.

If Google sees a social media account filled with spam users, your SEO will fail.

In addition, make sure you practice good social media management. This means more than posting regularly. Interact with your customers: respond to messages and comments.

Share posts, promote customer testimonials and collaborate with other businesses.

In addition, there's no harm in giving your customers a follow back.

Stay Active on Forums, Discussion Boards, and Online Communities

In your free time, find online discussions or forums that relate to your industry. You'll be surprised how many web users have questions or comments pertaining to your industry, and they could use expert advice.

For example, let's say a user on Reddit or Quora asks a question pertaining to your industry. You respond with your qualifications, the answer, and promote your company.

You not only increase brand awareness, but you're establishing yourself as reputable.

Google will catch your name, your company's name, and your website URL. They see your response was well-written, cited, and written with your expertise. They will establish you as an influencer in your niche.

This may seem like on-page SEO, but it's really one of the useful off page SEO techniques.

Get Better Search Result Ranking With Off Page SEO Techniques

Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO are ways you increase SEO off of your website.

While some of these techniques are out of your control, such as customer testimonials, there are plenty of techniques you can do, such as frequent forums and discussion boards.

You're more in control of on-page SEO, but off-page SEO can reap permanent benefits.

As your company gains a better reputation, Google will recognize this and will promote your company. From here, you can only expect positive SEO results.

If you need better SEO and online presence, take a look at our services.