7 Reasons Why You Need Local SEO Services to Boost Your Business

Why Is Local SEO so Important?

Over 50% of all mobile visitors online will visit a store within a day. Even that statistic on its own should be enough to grab your attention about local SEO. As people use mobiles more in their day to day life they are turning to local search results to find businesses.

With so many people searching it's never been more important to optimize your local listings and rank highly in your local search results.

Here Are the 7 Reasons You Should Be Using Local SEO for Your Business

To show you some of the big benefits of local SEO services we've put together this list of the biggest reasons you should be focusing on local SEO in 2018.

1. Local SEO Services Target the Right Customer When You Need It

The biggest reason people use local search online is to find a specific business, or a specific product or service. For example, if you are operating a dental clinic and somebody searches for 'dentists' within 10 miles of your clinic, you'd want your clinic to be top of the list.

By optimizing your Local SEO, you can focus on finishing at the top of the search results, especially with those customers who aren't searching for a specific business name.

When a customer is searching for your services, is going to be the best time to connect you with them.

2. Over Half of All Businesses Haven't Claimed Their Google Listing

Google My Business is a free listing service from Google which ties in directly with their search results and with Google Maps. It gives you the ability to list important details about your business such as opening times, a description, pictures and crucially it will allow customers to leave reviews.

If you haven't taken advantage of this yet, it should be your first priority for setting up your local SEO campaigns. Getting listed on Google My Business will help to show your business to more potential customers.

With so many local businesses being unaware of the benefits of digital marketing, it's a great opportunity to get ahead of your local competition.

3. Reviews Drive Sales with Trust

One of the strongest sales tools in your arsenal is what other people say about your business. Local SEO is hugely beneficial for local businesses because it slaps your customer's opinions right on the front page of customers Google results.

When you are optimizing your local SEO it's important to make sure you get as many honest reviews as possible from your customers. These reviews will help to build trust with your new leads and help promote your business.

4. Local Customers Are Turning to the Internet

In 2018, people depend on the internet. They don't know how the world worked before smartphones were at hand 24/7 a day for when you want to find the perfect pepperoni pizza at 4 am on a Sunday morning.

Implementing strong local SEO puts you in a position where your customers are going to be able to find you, ready to help them in their moment of need when searching locally.

5. Mobile Internet Continues to Grow

Global mobile traffic has been growing alarmingly fast for years, with traffic expected to increase 7-fold between 2016 and 2021. With more and more people using mobile internet we are going to see more people searching online.

The better optimized your local SEO services are, and the more people who are searching online for local services, the more customers you will see over time.

6. Local SEO Is a Good Investment

Local SEO is an incredible investment for businesses. Most of the best opportunities for building powerful local SEO are free and can give incredible ROI on what you put into it.

Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and hundreds of online business directories are all available for free. That means free promotion for your business and more customers pointing towards your site.

7. Google Maps Links to Local SEO

Google Maps is a huge app that millions of people are using all over the world every day. But the most important thing for you and your business about Google Maps is that people in your city are using it.

By optimizing your local SEO, you can feature in Google Maps when customers are looking for either specific search results or just when browsing along a street.

Many people now use Google Maps as a form of GPS and having your business listed will mean that it pops up on the screen when people are driving past or searching for other local businesses.

As more people turn to local search as mobile traffic grows, you'll see increasingly clever ways in which Google will utilize its local data to better serve its customers.

Better to get on board now, before the rest of your competition catches up.

Make Your Local SEO Services Stand Out

Don't get left behind or trumped by the competition in local SEO. By understanding how powerful local SEO can be for your business, you can start to see the difference that a strong local SEO campaign can make for your business and for your customers.

If you want to get started rocking your local SEO come and get help now.

Jason DeWater