10 Tips For Local Businesses To Create A Killer Google AdWords Campaign

You're servicing a local market with a winning product or service. But how are you differentiating yourself from your big business competitors? A Google AdWords campaign can give you the cutting edge to get ahead in local markets.

Large companies are personalizing experiences for their customers. They're using search engine marketing to increase their appeal in local markets. As a result, corporations are becoming local competitors themselves.

It doesn't matter if you're new to the search marketing world. If you're using Google AdWords already, we'll show you how to improve. You can level the playing field with the big guys.

Ever wish your company came up at the top of your target audience's search results?

AdWords is Google's proprietary advertising platform that lets you do just that. It boosts your website's searchability without a huge investment in SEO. Let's see how it works!

Why Small Businesses Need Google AdWords Campaigns

A Google AdWords campaign is great for small businesses. Yet, many companies struggle to do it properly. They believe it costs too much, or don't understand it well enough to succeed.

But costs are manageable with the right strategy and approach. Small businesses can maximize returns on even small AdWords investments. They need to leverage this capability more than ever.

Many of your corporate competitors may be household names. Your target audience sees them online and on TV. You may not be able to run expensive commercials.

Google AdWords campaigns have built-in cost advantages for small businesses.

They are measurable and flexible, so you control your own budget. Plus, they have customizable options that suit your specific needs.

You can even narrow your audience by location and time of day. Your local knowledge will be handy as you maximize the value of exposure. You can ensure you're paying for only local exposure as well.

10 Ways to Make Your AdWords Campaign Excel

You're facing a competitive market. You need something sexier than a broad, expensive ad campaign. Make every penny count when you engage your target audience.

We've identified 10 ways to get the most out of your Google AdWords campaign. Consider these strategies and what they can do for your long-term success.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Start by identifying all types of people who want your business. What are their qualities, pain points, and goals? What kind of language do they use to talk about them?

Think of them in groups based on similar needs. You'll want each campaign to engage them directly.

2. Create Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are character sheets describing your ideal buyers.

Invent these personas to characterize the people you want to target. Start with job titles and locations then expand into desires and tastes.

Be sure each persona is comprehensive and includes groups within your target market. Consider how they might search for your products online.

3. Research Keywords

Most searchers click on ads whose headlines have a keyword they're using. What keywords will your personas use to search?

Make a comprehensive list based on personal characteristics and motives. You want potential customers to find you in a time of need.

4. Use Negative Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes among companies is using only standard keywords.

Negative keywords tell AdWords what not to engage. Home cleaning services don't want their ads appearing before people who want to buy cleaning supplies.

It's trickier to flesh out your negative keywords. An AdWords expert can point you in the right direction. It's an important step in getting affordable, quality exposure.

5. Choose a Cost-Effective Payment (or "Bid") Strategy

Advertising is typically expensive. That makes it a deterrent to small businesses. They've struggled for decades to buy the exposure they need.

AdWords is different. You can set your own budget ahead of time. In fact, you only pay for ads that "pay off".

Some small businesses still struggle with this approach. They find some people who click on their ads aren't interested in buying. But selecting the right payment strategy is only the first step.

6. Use Specific Targeting

Don't spend precious advertising dollars on would-be customers in other towns. AdWords lets you use sophisticated targeting. You can make sure only the right people see your ads.

Target by location or even time of day. Each time someone clicks, it costs you.

Targeting helps you ensure only the right people will click on your ad.

7. Distinguish Yourself from Competitors

When you're competing against the big guys, you need some extra appeal. You'll need keywords that hit the right segments of your audience.

If you're copying competitors, you're going to lose business.

What about your company is appealing to customers? Your location is the first thing to consider. Look at your personas to get some ideas.

8. Write Your First Ad

Put all of those keywords to use. Start by creating an 'ad group.' These are ads targeting specific audiences.

You need only one ad group to begin.

Use one or more keywords in the headline and clear, natural language. Test it among existing clients or around the office.

9. Perform Regular Audits

You still want to save money, right?

Audit your Google AdWords campaigns regularly to make sure you're on track. Be sure performance is up and you're not wasting dollars on duds.

Good audits will factor in your marketing goals, focus, and desired outcomes.

You can use automated solutions, but don't do this alone. The right AdWords expert can ensure you get the most value from your audit.

10. Partner with a Google AdWords Campaign Specialist

Still interested in getting the most bang for your buck? We hope you have some ideas as to how to get started. Now, partner with a Google AdWords specialist that can guarantee your success.

You have a lot of control over this investment, but it's still a big one. If you're attracting the wrong people, it can cost you a lot.

Once you get your ad in front of the ideal audience, it will be the best marketing investment you've made.

Harness the Power of the Web

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