Hyperlocal Advertising Online: What You Should Know

What is Hyperlocal Advertising?

Hyperlocal advertising is advertising that targets a specific geographical area. It can be a big city but usually refers to smaller neighborhoods or even just a part of a neighborhood.

Why is Hyperlocal Advertising Important?

Hyperlocal advertising benefits businesses and customers, using location to provide more relevant search results. It helps people searching the internet for a certain type of business find what they're looking for. And it lets local businesses reach the customers who need them.

Now let's check out why it's important for your business.

You Are a Local Business

Your business is operating locally, so you need to advertise locally. Whether you have a single location or many, hyperlocal marketing is important for reaching customers in any and all locations you wish to do business with.

If you are a worldwide, online-only company with no physical location, you can still benefit from hyperlocal marketing. In fact, it's even more important for these businesses: they do business with specific locations all over the world! Every location is their target location.

Nationwide and worldwide businesses can use hyperlocal marketing to target any geographic reason they wish to boost business in. They'll reach additional, hyperlocal demographics and increase their customer base.

People Prefer Local Businesses

A study by Yodle found that 82% of consumers use local businesses. The full report goes on to say that customers prefer local businesses over large corporations in most aspects and that local businesses account for more than half of all business use.

People are actively searching for local businesses. Four out of five consumers use search engines to find local businesses. Of those, 53% will go on to visit a business within 48 hours of searching.

People often search locally without even knowing it. When people search for businesses and services, Google will localize their search results automatically. It will put local businesses higher up on the results screen and those who aren't targeting a specific location lower.

Whether you are a big business or small, if you are not using hyperlocal advertising, fewer people will find you.

Types of Hyperlocal Advertising

Any small business trying to bring more foot traffic to a physical location will benefit from any type or amount of hyperlocal marketing. Businesses with online stores or hundreds of physical locations still benefit from hyperlocal marketing but must be more careful not to spend more on advertising than it's worth.

Let's check out some of the types of hyperlocal marketing you can use for your business.

Free Hyperlocal Advertising

These are the first hyperlocal marketing strategies you'll want to use because they're effective and they don't cost you anything. And big businesses can use any that are applicable to advertise to many targeted locations without spending anything.

Online Business Listings

This one is the most important for local businesses. Getting your company name on internet business listings is what gets you seen when people near you search for businesses like yours.

You'll want to put your location and business info into Google My Business, Yelp, Bingplaces, and any of these 50 online business listings. Include any information these listings let you add, especially company name, address, contact info, and pictures. The more information you put in, the higher your search ranking.

Also, asking your satisfied customers to leave you good reviews on these listings is a huge help. Customers are highly likely to leave a review if you ask them to. And good online reviews will shoot your local search ranking straight to the top.

Advertising On Your Website

Getting a website isn't exactly free. But if you already have or are planning to have a website, using it for hyperlocal marketing is no additional cost.

First, make sure your contact page has your address on it. This helps you appear in local search results.

Use standard SEO strategies to improve your search ranking. Start a blog and post regularly using hyperlocal keywords.

You can research hyperlocal keywords using Google Autosuggest. Input your type of business and your target location in Google and hit "Search." Then scroll to the bottom of the results page.

There you'll find search suggestions based on the most popular searches. Use these as hyperlocal keywords on your website.

For bigger businesses, make an individual, local landing page (homepage) for each physical location you own. This has a huge impact on your local search results in each location. You can also market goods and services that target certain locations, like T-shirts with city names or local slang.

Lastly, post local coupons on your site to get more foot traffic to your stores.

Hyperlocal Social Media

Post hyperlocal content with hyperlocal hashtags on social media. Talk about local events and news or typical local weather. Post pictures of your involvement in the community.

But use your social media account for customer engagement, not to push sales. If you are just trying to sell things, your customers will not care to engage. Then your social media account is pointless.

Use social media as a communication line where you listen to, connect and resolve issues with your customers.

Advertising on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, you can make marketing videos that target specific locations for free.

Get Published Locally

Contact local publications like news sites, newspapers and local magazines, and see if they will write a piece about your business. They may even let you be a guest writer.


Make headlines with your business by getting involved in the community. Start a unique charity or recycling program. Host or appear at a local event.

Paid Hyperlocal Advertising

There are two types of paid advertising that count as hyperlocal.

Physical Local Advertising

You can post ads in local publications or on billboards on highways leading up to your location. But this can get quite expensive and, as such, might not be a good option for some small businesses.

Online Local Advertising

This is a much more budget-friendly option for the small business, especially with Google AdWords. With AdWords, you only pay when customers engage with your ads.

And you can use hyperlocal keywords to target any locations you want. Then you will also appear at the top of Google map searches.

Get Hyperlocal, Get Seen

Customers are looking for you. Stop getting overlooked. Get started on your hyperlocal marketing campaign today.

For more local SEO tips, check out Boosting Local SEO Through Local Listings. Or see how we can help your business. Contact us to get help now.