Top 5 Benefits of Hyper-Local Online Branding Ads

Did you know that up to 70 percent of purchase decisions are made by consumers while they are shopping or in a store (physical or online)? However, the question is, how do you reach these customers?

The answer is simple - hyper-local advertising.

What is Hyper-Local Advertising/Marketing?

According to industry experts, hyper-local is a buzzword. This means it doesn't have an "official" accepted definition.

However, (in most cases) it refers to some type of niche marketing. This can be a marketing ad or campaign that's targeted to a certain part of the country, such as Florida or the Southeast. It can also target a certain audience, such as shoppers located a specific distance from a business.

In many cases, hyper-local marketingoccurs online.

Now that you understand better what hyper-local ads and marketing are, you may wonder how this can benefit your business.

Benefits of Hyper-Local Ads

While hyper-local ads can be used for brick-and-mortar stores - for example, signs at the gas pump - there are also many benefits offered by hyper-local mobile ads.

When you adopt this strategy, you can target your advertisements to potential clients located in specific geographic areas - in some cases, as close as just a few blocks. You can even target customers close to your business or to your competition.

Learn more about the benefits of hyper-local marketing here.

1. You Determine the Days and Times Your Ad is Seen

If you are a merchant and trying to promote your lawn mowers, you may only want your ads to show up when a possible customer is in the suburbs or in a neighborhood where most people own their home.

You can choose to have your ad show up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings when your target clientele is most active.

Helpful Tip: Take time to verify the days and times your website has the most traffic. This is when your customers are most likely shopping.

2. Hone Your Advertisements to the Current Weather Conditions

If it's raining, people aren't going to be thinking about lawn mowers. You can opt to automatically display your ads when nice weather is projected. This eliminates the need for you to check the weather yourself.

3. Link Your Ads to Your Keywords

Your ads can appear when a potential customer searches for a keyword. They may also show up if a keyword is in the content customers are reading.

The key is to properly optimize your ads with the keywords being searched for. While this may sound complicated, it's essentially the same as optimizing the copy on your website.

For the lawnmower example, this could be any keyword related to landscaping or gardening.

4. Money Savings Advertising Option

You don't have to pay to have your ad displayed where or when your potential customers aren't going to see them. This means that your ad money is going to be money well-spent, rather than wasted on individuals who aren't interested in what you have to offer.

5. Higher Return on Your Investment

With hyper-local advertising, you are targeting the precise customer who is most likely to make a purchase with your ads. As a result, you are making every ad dollar count.

This is especially beneficial if you have a limited marketing budget.

The Best Advertising Methods for Targeting Hyper-Local Audiences

If you are interested in hyper-local advertising and ready to get started, consider using the methods described below.

In-App Mobile Advertising

As the name implies, this type of ad reaches customers while they use mobile apps and are located nearby your business.

With this method, you can reach virtually anyone who comes within a certain distance of your business, rather than just those who work or live nearby.

Search Engine Marketing

Display ads to local customers who are looking for what you offer. By enabling geo-targeting in your campaign, you can reach people nearby who are searching for services or products in the area.

Facebook Advertising

Target a set geographic radius using ads displayed in potential customer's mobile Facebook app. You can also specify things such as interest, demographic info, and favorite places to better target consumers in your neighborhood.

How to Effectively Execute Hyper-Local Ads

Once you have selected the target area, the goal is to focus on creating intriguing, relevant ad copy. In addition to great copy, you need powerful calls-to-action, as well as optimization efforts. This will ensure you get the most "bang for your buck."

It's also a good idea to test several target areas. By doing this, you can see what's able to effectively reach the most consumers.

Vary what you use and continue optimizing your ads to help drive conversions. Work to entice consumers who see your ads with an offer that encourages them to call, visit, or click.

Is Hyper-Local Advertising Right for You?

When you advertise locally using hyper-local efforts, you can get a much higher ROI for your advertising dollar. This can be an effective strategy (when done properly) for any business, in any industry.

The goal is to find the right balance for your business and use selective criteria to ensure your ads are targeted properly. When you do this, they will be seen by a smaller group of people, but those individuals will have a greater chance of becoming your customer.

In some cases, when trying to effectively advertise your business, seeking outside help may be beneficial. For assistance and free SEO tools, visit our website.

At Rabbit Hole Systems, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best results for every effort they invest in.