The Ultimate Guide to Posting Ads on Facebook

Why Should You be Posting Ads on Facebook?

Your business' online presence is everything. How you're portrayed on the Internet will dictate how audiences, customers, and other companies treat your business. So it's vital to be in the right place, at the right time, saying the right things.

When posting ads on Facebook, companies are showing people what they're all about. While it isn't organic - they paid for that online real estate - potential fans will see the content and make a choice, right then and there. Will they like what they see, or continue scrolling?

You want to be known as a thought leader or major brand in your industry. The only way to do that on social media - especially Facebook - is through paid ads. Posting ads on Facebook allow you to target your primary market, no matter if they follow you on social media or not.

This is crucial because then you can add people to your audience who actually want what you have or care about what you have to say. Don't spread your content to everybody everywhere.

Instead, your company can publish advertisements so a certain niche of individuals sees them where they always are online (Facebook).

Tips to Use When Posting on Facebook

In order to get the most out of posting ads on Facebook, you need to keep your main goal in mind always. Here are some quick tips you can use to optimize your Facebook ads:

Know Your Customers

This one goes without saying and has already been touched on.

Having a primary target market is necessary to succeed with your Facebook ads, as well as any online content. Posting where your market isn't is the fastest way to not growing as a business.

In contrast, having a persona to market to lets you figure out who your regular customer is and where they can be found online.

Another reason why knowing your audience is pivotal to Facebook marketing is because then you can get the language and copy down. Having a specific person in mind when writing your Facebook ads helps you nail how to speak and what words to use in your advertisements.

Your customers are always right, so make your Facebook ads with your customer at the forefront.

Create an Offer They Can't Refuse

All good marketing content has a strong call to action and offers something of high value. Your Facebook ads are no exception.

Give your potential audience an action to take after experiencing your ad. Provide them with value, then hint at more value beyond the CTA. Have a button or fields where your fan can input their name and email for more of your content.

These promises of more content and future value builds a trusting relationship between your company and the customer or audience member.

They like what you have to say in your industry and want more. Eventually, they'll feel inclined to give you money in exchange for your product and service.

This is the whole purpose of marketing. So, your Facebook ads need strong CTAs.

Be Original and New

Sounds like a paradox, right? How can you be original and new?

Well, here originality means putting your own flair on something. Whether it's brand logos, mottos your company is known for saying all the time, or a color theme, you should be instantly recognized as that company.

As for new, stay relevant with current trends and don't simply rehash the same material over and over. Sure, "classic" content can be renewed with originality; otherwise, go for ingenuity over everything else. It keeps people engaged with what you are saying and what your business is up to.

Somehow, someway, create Facebook ads that are both fresh and unique.

Track Results and Increase Conversion Rate

Of course, you want to know the data behind your Facebook ads. Posting ads on Facebook is a tremendous bit of marketing because they have tools to track what works, when it works, who it works for, and more.

The biggest stat you'll want to focus on is the conversion rate. This is how many people believe in your Facebook ad and clicked on it. You're looking for a high conversion rate so that you can gain a decent following on social media.

All the information you could ever need about your Facebook ads are...right on Facebook.

Go to your business' Facebook page (this should also be a given) and check out the "Insights" on your page and promotions. Then tweak your content to improve your rates.

Trust Facebook Automation

If you didn't already know, Facebook has auto-optimization and automated rules as normal features.

Apparently, Facebook is already optimizing your brand content and ads. Their algorithms put your ads in front of people who will actually care, so don't go too crazy with the hacks.

Also, Facebook gives your company automated rules for free. With Facebook ads, you can schedule, set budgets for each one, receive notifications about the campaign, and set conditions for cost, time range, and frequency.

Facebook has been built with small and large businesses in mind. Get familiar with posting ads on Facebook and interacting with the interface. Their automated features will help you without requiring any work on your part; this makes Facebook ads almost a no-brainer.

Posting Ads on Facebook Upgrades Your Content Marketing

Businesses benefit from Facebook ads in multiple ways. Your social and online presence will gain traction, your audience will grow consistently and organically, and sales revenue will increase as a result of it all.

Use these tips to make your Facebook ad content high-quality and optimal for your potential customers.

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