Creating Conversions: 5 Conversion Tracking Tools You Should Use

You've set up your local SEO campaign. You're writing blog posts, posting to social media, and engaging with customers on business review sites.

After putting so much work into your web presence, how are you measuring your success? How are you tracking what's working and what's not?

You need to implement the best conversion tracking tools to find out what's going on in your digital marketing campaigns. There are some great ones out there, but which is the best?

Read on to find out.

What's Web Analytics?

First things first. What's web analytics, and why do you need it?

Analytics consists of the collection and analysis of data to understand, and subsequently optimize, the way you run your web presence. They're used all across the web to measure site traffic, evaluate marketing campaigns, and perform market research.

It's the act of asking if your social media campaign is working better than your content marketing campaign. It's asking who is utilizing which aspects of your web presences. It's asking how they use them, and when.

The answers to these questions are essential for the success of your web presence.

Mobile analytics is a subset of web analytics. It tracks users' engagement with your mobile platforms. Think: your responsive website, your social media platforms, your Google reviews.

You need conversion tracking tools to obtain and analyze this information for you. Without them, your marketing campaign is blind and unoptimized.

Google Analytics

The best part about Google Analytics is that it's free. It's primary use is measuring and providing data on your website traffic.

It has a user-friendly interface, featuring a user dashboard that shows all the information you need. It shows you scorecards, motion charts, and a variety of other analytical data to help you understand your traffic better.

Google Analytics is the biggest name in conversion tools. It's used by industry professionals far and wide, and sets the standard for other conversion tracking tools.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is one of the most cutting-edge conversion tracking tools on the market. It costs $9/month, but it's a bargain for the insights it gives.

Besides providing analytics, it also tracks movement and shows analytic data in the form of a heatmap. It tells you where on your site your visitors click most. Those spots show up as red, whereas links that aren't as popular will show as blue.

The "confetti" feature shows you the exact spots on your site where your visitors click. It'll also show you your visitors' scrolling patterns. It even tells you where your visitors are coming from, and how they got to your site.

Do you wonder if your visitors are exiting your site before they even scroll down? Why? Do you wonder what the main things they're using your site for are?

Ponder no more. Crazy Egg has got your back.

Kiss Metrics

Unlike most conversion tracking tools, Kiss Metrics focuses on the individual. It'll help you avoid checking and rechecking your conversion tools to see if your page views have gone up.

Kiss Metrics shows you key stats about each individual visitor to your site. This enables you to learn exactly who's looking, where, and why.

It'll show you details about where your visitors are coming from by tracking their previously visited sites. It'll show you if they came from a search engine, another blog, or social media. It then tells you when they clicked away from your site, and where they went.

It'll also divulge your visitors' demographics. This is an awesome tool, as it allows you to check in on whether your content is working for your target audience. If the visitors' main demographics differ from your target audience, you'll be able to pinpoint it exactly and come up with a solution.

It'll show you how long your visitors spent on your site, and which page they spend the most time on. Wondering if your visitors are actually reading your content? Want to know if they're using your contact form to get in touch?

Kiss Metrics will give you those answers.

It doesn't provide a heatmap, like Crazy Egg, but the specificity of the metrics are certainly valuable.


AppsFlyer is one of the top mobile conversion tracking tools out there. It's a great tool to use for mobile ads, too. It obtains data from all your marketing and ad campaigns and display them for you on one cohesive platform.

It integrates with over 900 services, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It tracks your campaigns on all your mobile networking apps, letting you know which is doing best and why.

The best feature: it operates in real time. That means when you post an Instagram ad, you won't have to wait to get information on how it's doing.

The real-time feature makes it easier to assess initial engagement with your marketing and ad campaigns. Initial engagement is an important metric in a timeline-based platform, like Instagram and Facebook.

Open Site Explorer

In the digital ecology that businesses operate in today, linking and backlinking is more important than ever. Why shouldn't your links be analyzed as an important metric? Answer: they should be.

Enter Open Site Explorer. It's a free tracking tool that'll show you which of your links are strong and which are weak. It'll analyze them all: your internal links, your external links, and backlinks to your site from other sites.

By analyzing your backlinks, it'll illuminate the businesses whose backlinks are most effective. This knowledge is crucial for networking purposes.

Analysis of your own links is also essential. It'll highlight whether your links integrate organically. If they don't, visitors can tell from a mile away.

Are You Using Conversion Tracking Tools?

Now that you've read up on the importance of conversion tracking tools in your marketing campaign, you've got everything you need to go forth and track with confidence.

Do you have a marketing campaign set up yet? If not, we can help. Get in touch today to start telling the world your story, one analytic at a time.