4 Of The Best Local SEO Optimization Tips You Need To Know

Are you a local business looking to boost the size of your customer base?

Without a decent web presence, you're likely missing out. Google research suggests that 50% of web users will visit a business locally within 24 hours of making a search.

But how do you target these potential customers more effectively, so that it's your business they visit?

You can start by employing these 4 best local SEO tips for businesses and organizations like yours.

1. Set Up Google My Business

If you've completely neglected any sort of local SEO strategies up to this point, you might be unsure where to begin. Start by establishing a profile on Google My Business.

Google My Business is the gateway for your business to show up on local search results on Google. Information from your business profile can appear on everything from Google Maps to Google's lucrative 'Local Pack' result block in search results.

Without it, you're completely unable to enhance your local business on Google, period. You can add correct and relevant information, such as your opening hours and contact details, to direct customers to your business.

Keeping these details up to date can help make your online presence more noticeable. This can work in your favor as you use local SEO optimization to build a better position in Google search rankings and gain new customers.

Want to know more? Have a look at Google's own local search tips for small businesses here.

2. Ensure Local Directories Are Correct

Just as it's important not to neglect your Google listings, you should also look to ensure that any business listings for your company or organization are up to date on the vast number of local directory sites that are available.

Each listing your business has is another route for customers to find your business when they look for your niche. Yelp, Whitepages, and the Better Business Bureau are all good examples to start off with.

On each site, make sure your address, contact details, opening times, and best contact hours are kept up to date. By having consistent, up-to-date profiles on major profile sites, you can build your online presence without needing to spend any money.

Use social media to your advantage, too. Having a Facebook page for your business can allow you to mix your business page with targeted Facebook advertisements, for instance.

Need a quick audit of local directories? Why not take us up on a free local listings report to see if there are any obvious gaps in your local coverage.

3. Respond and Utilize Local Reviews

Nearly 90% of customers looking at local businesses online trust online reviews. This makes it even more important for your local search engine optimization to be effective at responding to and using them to your advantage.

You can build or break your business’s reputation on what your reviewers say. Responding to positive and negative reviews opens dialogue that can help you recover from any customer service failures, for instance.

Plus, it's a great chance to put up a public face to the business. You want new and existing customers alike to see how you respond to failures.

There's no need to be combative. Do everything you can to get those important five-star reviews, because both consumers and Google use review ratings to help determine whether your business is good or not.

Additionally, remember to respond to reviews on all of your local directory pages, as well as on social media. Wherever your customers are making judgments, you need to be there responding to them.

4. Use Localized Landing Pages

If you're new to any kind of local SEO strategies, you might be unsure about the importance of keywords.

Keywords define what your business is about, so when they search for plumbers in Omaha, and you're such a plumber, Google will show your web page or listings in searches for those keywords. By utilizing local area keywords, combined with localized landing pages, you can improve the impact of your SEO efforts.

Localized landing pages are specially built pages of your sites that target your area. They help to target local search queries, like our Omaha example, to provide content that is specific for those local residents.

You can combine it with other marketing techniques, too. Want to run a sale or build a contact list? A localized landing page can target more effectively than a run-of-the-mill page would normally be able to.

Treat it like you would any sales page. Add your contact details, include useful information about your business and what you can offer your customers, and include testimonials and reviews.

They're a great option for combining with ad campaigns, either for long-term or for specialized events like a Christmas sale.

If you're a business working in more than one location, using localized landing pages for your site could be a great way to better target the keywords that potential customers in those areas are searching for.

Grow Your Business with the Best Local SEO

It's important to watch, update, and respond to changes that could impact on your online presence, as these could have an impact on your local SEO strategies.

Review your Google My Business account often and make sure to respond to all customer reviews, especially any negative comments. By responding to your customers, you can form relationships that can encourage return customers.

By being proactive online and including localized landing pages in your website design, you can make the most of these best local SEO tips.

Hoping to supercharge your local SEO efforts even further? Take a look at the services we could offer your business or organization here.