10 Elements of the Best Landing Pages

If a picture tells a thousand words, your website's landing page can tell up to a million.

If your landing page is looking a little, well, lackluster, it may be time for a serious tune-up.

Let's get into the anatomy of what makes the best landing pages!

Conveys the Right Message to Visitors

Your headline can single-handedly provide the most valuable content on your entire website.

Your headline wears two important hats. The first hat is guaranteeing that your visitor is right where he or she needs to be. Inevitably, any time we click on a landing page, there's a mysterious sense of ambiguity.

What's the website going to bring me? What am I here for? Your headline can provide exact reassurance that he or she is in the right spot.

The second one is keeping your visitor activity on your page. You want your headline to convince people to stick around on your site and look around.

Utilizes Optimal Graphic Design

Your website's graphic design creates the blueprint for the best landing pages. If you're lagging in this area, visitors can and will notice, and it will look unprofessional.

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the psychology of color palette or outsource a professional to help you. The color scheme needs to entice customers- not drive them away.

You also want to understand the concept of utilizing whitespace and blank space. A cluttered page looks chaotic and desperate- not the vibe you're likely aiming for.

Features Beautiful Images or Media

We'll be completely blunt here: the images or media on your landing page need to be top-notch. As in, you want them to look as perfect as possible.

Your media should accurately convey your brand and evoke emotions of interest, joy, and curiosity.

They should make people want to keep scrolling or start clicking. They should show a fascinating story, and anything subpar could result in your customers quickly hitting that back button.

Offers Solutions and Benefits

The best landing pages offer dynamic solutions. You want visitors to realize what they can get out of your website.

Avoid the bragging or the overselling yourself- people want to know how your website can best support their problems and goals.

Use infographics, text, pictures or whatever you can utilize to get that message across!

Stays Focused and Specific

If you don't know your target audience, your landing page will likely reflect that. It'll look too generalized and vague, and that's likely to turn visitors away.

With that in mind, the more specific and tailored your landing page looks, the better. If you can provide exact details or data, that's even better.

The takeaway here? You're not trying to advertise to everyone in the world. You're trying to speak to a specific group of people.

Builds Excitement and Urgency

We all know how much people appreciate an irresistible sale. In general, we love free promotions, significant percentages off, and special offers.

If you're able to offer discounts on your services or products, your landing page is the place to express it!

Using urgency language, such as Order by (date) to receive free delivery or 50% off all inventory with a ticking calendar create a sense of nervous emotion. If you have something awesome to offer, a customer won't want to miss out.

With that in mind, any urgency language must be used authentically. If you're running the same promotion 24/7, it comes across as scammy.

Presents with a Clear, Visible Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) improves your traffic and conversion rates. But, you need to make it as intuitive and user-friendly as possible for visitors to interact with your offer.

In general, the button needs to stand out from anything else, and you need to orient the graphics on the page to guide visitor's eyes to that button.

Don't take this advice lightly! If you're making visitors search or guess on how to interact with your content, you're likely to miss out on potential customers.

Demonstrates Expertise

Positive customer reviews and testimonials still go a very long way when it comes to establishing your credibility. In fact, 68% of millennials trust online reviews (compared to only 34% who trust TV ads).

After all, it's easy for you to drone on and on about how awesome your product or service is. But reading it from a happy customer makes it seem infinitely better, right?

With that in mind, you want to use precise testimonials that use exact figures.

Engaging and Dynamic Copy

When people interact with a brand, they want to speak to you, a personality- rather than just a blank business screen.

With that said, your content should be friendly, attentive, and cohesive with your overall brand identity.

Don't use jargon that people won't understand and don't use long, lengthy sentences that go on and on. Keep it personalized, and you'll keep people on the page.

Easy, Short Forms

When you're trying to collect data from your visitors, you want to do so in the fewest fields possible.

The best landing pages don't ask for a million details from their readers. Less s more, and you don't want people to be overwhelmed with filling out all the fields in your contact form.

Usually, a name and email address should suffice in your contact box.

Final Thoughts on the Best Landing Pages

Your landing page can be the determining factor in whether potential customers purchase your products or services- or seek out the competition.

At Rabbit Hole Systems, we're passionate about helping you dominate the web with your landing page and everything else on your site.

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