How to Use AdWords Optimization to Boost Online Traffic

What Is Google AdWords & How Does It Work?

Google AdWords is a PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising platform that allows users to bid on searchable keywords to land their page on a search engine results page (SERP).

You can target customers by keyword phrases and lists, location, and time online. There is no minimum on a budget, so you can put down as much money as suits you per campaign.

An attractive part of Google Adwords is you only have to pay when your link gets a click. The main goal is making sure your clicks are getting sales conversions.

So, it helps to narrow your AdWords optimization as much as possible to guarantee that your content is shown to the right people.

Tips For Adwords Optimization

Although SEO and AdWords optimization are two different concepts, they are two sides of the same coin. SEO (search engine optimization) and Adwords work together to help your website land on Google's SERP.

The more your posts or landing pages are SEO-friendly, the more successful your Adword campaigns will be.

These include keyword research, audience analysis, and lots of experimentation! 
As marketing experts say, "Test, test and then test again....sometimes one single word can make all the difference."

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the single most important factor for success with Google AdWords and making your budget stretch. Use this keyword research tool to help you get started. It's important that you have a clear and specific goal in mind for your campaign.

What are you trying to sell or what landing page are you trying to get customers to? The more you can narrow your keywords and keyword phrases, the more likely you'll make conversions.

Once you've figured out your list of keywords, you will have a better chance of getting clicks by the right people if you use 'exact match keywords'.

When building your campaign, you have 3 options for keyword matching: broad, phrase, and exact match. Since you are only paying per click, you want your clicks to land in the right places.

Add to your keyword list for ad campaigns often, try out many variations of the same word. Get creative with the phrases and order of your keywords.

And don't forget... Keep testing!

Narrow Your Audience

Narrowing your audience as much as possible will help you get the most from your price per click.

This may seem counterintuitive since you want to reach as many people as you can. But, you want your clicks to reach the right audience and the people who can benefit from your service.

If you offer services that are only available in a certain region or area, you should geotarget people who live in those places.

People often search for services as well as the city, so using city names in your posts and landing pages can help your AdWords optimization. For example, people often search for "doctor San Fransisco" so your ad should have those keywords in it.

Can you narrow it down even more? The more specific you can get your keywords, the better your click-to-conversion ratio will be. Try keywords like "neurosurgeon San Fransisco" or "best neurosurgeon San Fransisco."

Think about phrases your customers might be searching for, and exclude phrases they are not. Using the negative keywords function in your AdWords optimization can be key for making sure you aren't landing on SERP for the wrong results.

For example, if you are a lawyer who specializes in food service regulation, you don't want someone calling you who needs help with a DUI or domestic dispute. So when using negative keywords you can make sure your page comes up for "lawyer Los Angeles" but doesn't pull up for "DUI lawyer Los Angeles."

High Quality Score

The reason you want to narrow your campaign scope as much as possible and make sure your keywords are reaching the right audience if you want to keep a high Quality Score.

Google Adwords ranks your campaigns by how valuable your keywords are which determines how much you pay per click.

You want your keywords in your ad campaigns to be specific and high quality, and it is important that your landing page is exactly what you described. If you have several people who click on your ad and immediately leave the page, your Quality Score will go down.

Also, you want to make sure your keywords are relevant to your ad group, and your landing page is high quality.

Optimize Landing Pages

If you haven't noticed yet, a huge part of your Quality Score is your landing page! Optimize your landing pages with SEO-friendly keywords and keep it relevant to your ad group.

A big mistake many companies make is they try to group several ad campaigns to the same landing page. This makes your landing page less relevant to your customer even if you have a high conversion rate, your bounce rate will go up.

Check out our list of tips on how to create the best landing pages.

Test, Test, and Test Again

Above all when using Google Adwords optimization to help boost online traffic, don't give up! Set up conversion trackers and A/B testing in Google Analytics to keep track of your progress. Use keyword research tools and add to your lists often.

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