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We help businesses large and small build and maintain their presence across all channels of the Web.  Every company has different goals and challenges, so we offer a wide range of custom-tailored services to help our clients best.  

We build and manage high-value Digital Marketing, PPC & AdWords campaigns, optimize local listings and increase visibility, strengthen online reputation, digitize business processes, improve customer responsiveness, create custom web systems, and improve website paid and organic search performance. 

Our company’s growth is a Google love story.
— Jason DeWater, Founder

Our Start

Small Business

Our founder, Jason DeWater, is a small business owner.  He started an electronics repair business, iFixOmaha, out of his basement in 2011 with a simple goal; save people time and money.

Growth was the plan, so Jason used AdWords to reach a large number of people without breaking the bank.

Long before I opened a brick and mortar storefront, iFixOmaha was all over the Local Web.

Jason studied the Web, its search trends, and started to get a good picture of who his customer was.  They were people young and old, rich and poor, and they lived all over Omaha.  They were using mobile web browsers to find service providers and asking for suggestions from their friends on social media channels.  They were watching instructional videos for DIY solutions.  They were looking to get their smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets repaired quickly.

iFixOmaha's website outranked the most significant nationwide competitors.  The company was hyper-local, an Omaha original, and trusted by its home-town customer base.

It grew by leaps and bounds.  Sure, the team did great work and stayed true to its core values, but it could never have reached those customers had it not embraced the immensely powerful tool that is Google and the many other online channels available for growth.

Chosen by Google

It was a great honor when Google named iFixOmaha as its Nebraska representative for its first annual Small Business Meetup in conjunction with its 2017 Economic Impact Report.  Google highlighted the company's use of the Web to grow its business and reach new customers.  Jason spent the week exploring the future of the Internet, sharing our story, and learning from other companies that were finding success by leveraging the power of Google and connecting with larger and larger audiences.

It was in Mountain View when it dawned on Jason; He could put these skills to work and help other businesses.  

Rabbit Hole Systems is now helping other local businesses improve and build their web presence.  We started out with just a couple of clients and their web traffic quickly multiplied.  They started getting new leads every day, and they recommended us to other business owners.  It's still early, and we have much work ahead of us.

We're ultra-focused on results and are now accepting new clients.  Whether you're in need of getting your start-up off the ground with a comprehensive AdWords campaign and local optimization, you're an established business in need of help reaching new customers, or you need a complete rebuild of your web systems, we're here to listen.  We'd love to help.

We understand small business and can help you Harness The Power Of The Web.


We get small business

I've had the honor of running a successful small business.  It hasn't been easy, but I'm proud that my company is an industry leader and respected by customers and competitors alike.  My role as "tech expert" has been an interesting change and being interviewed as such by publications including The Guardian, Economist, WIRED, and local media requires every bit of artistic creativity as a stage musician.  With every challenge comes an elegant solution and every small business must overcome a new challenge every day. -jason

Let's grow your business, together.

We want to help businesses reach their full power and extend their reach throughout the Local Web.  We understand the growth potential that comes with a well-optimized web presence.  We'd love to learn more about your business and help tell your story across the Web.